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The Yiddish word for "black". Equivalent of the English word, nigger.
Velkh? Zey derveyln a Schvartse oyf nosi? Oy vey!

What? They elected a negro for president? Oh, woe is me!
by Whatnao October 23, 2011

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An abbreviation of First Poster. The person who began a thread on a forum or image board.
I think the FP on this thread is just trolling us.
by Whatnao September 27, 2011

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A pointless, semi-retarded argument fought between fanboys of consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Ten years ago, it was between the Gamecube, PS1, and the first Xbox. Twenty years ago it was between the SNES and Genesis.
Come on people, why can't you realize that actual computers are superior to consoles in every way?
When the majority of people become intelligent enough to realize a PC is better than any console, the console wars will end.
by Whatnao November 01, 2011

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The Evil Geniuses, a professional Starcraft II league. Includes famous players like IdrA and DeMuslim (who are currently Grandmasters), and is led by iNControl.
Is EG playing in the MLG tournament?
by Whatnao September 15, 2011

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Euphemism for bisexual.

A term that implies a person is not quite heterosexual, but not quite bisexual. In reality, however, a "bicurious" person is really just a closet bisexual who won't admit it. We don't have homocurious or heterocurious, so why bicurious?
Friend: I'm not bisexual, I'm bicurious. I don't have sex with men, I'm just attracted to some of them.

Me: Oh yeah? So if I was attracted to women, but didn't have sex with them, what would that make me? Heterocurious?

Face it, bicurious is just a buzzword.
by Whatnao November 14, 2011

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