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a subdivision of the music genre of emo music which in turn is a subdivison of punk music, due to its growing popularity schools now have to distinct cliques within them, the preppy hollister mainstream brandname snobby fucks in which i and my comrades have no respect for, and the black everything striped shirt pierce lipped tards who insist screamo is metal when infact its just another 20 year old dipshit who can get over their insignificant feelings.

emo and screamo tend to be different because screamo has lead "singers" who tend to cry louder than their emo counterparts. both emo and screamo tend to have the same chords and lack of musical genius which is supported by the solo being the same base rythem with just distortion. although they tend to be opposite of the mainstream people the tend to have their own culture which is no longer underground, they thrive because pop and emo music is constantoly played and overplayed on the radio giving most people who reject the brandnames a style to go for, this in turn creates a large subculture of similar lanky looking pale faced people who try to be different but just blend in to every hallway and street. those that actually want to be different need to explore themselves before they explore music.
screamo is sooo awesome.

yeah right its just a whiney lil faggot who cries cuz his boyfriend dumped him

shutup its not his fault hes bi

isnt every emo singer bi

yeah so.....

pop fuck

shutup your music sucks

your just jelous because mine isnt about being gay

b b b but.....

ahhhh pluh
by wabaanimkii of youtube January 04, 2010
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