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DJ Bandwagon hopper - has to like what ever DJ is the trance worlds current darling
A useless mod on tranceaddict.com who abuses his 'posistion' by trying to get in with DJ's with the words, 'Hey I own tranceaddict.com'
Trys to get women in bed by promising them mod rights on tranceaddict.com
has a very small band of worshippers, two to be exact, Dj Mikey Mike who is like a mini me of arturo and indy who has been described as stupid, a perfect follower of Arturob
OMG I die - Nu Nrg
OMG I die - PvD

Hey little girl, i ownerz tranceaddict, suck my weiner and u can be a mod
by vivid boy June 17, 2004
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