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Usually wrongly mistaken by a LOT of a people, the term "nigga" does not refer to black people.

The term is often used in the African-American community to refer to their close friends, inanimate objects, or anything really (except elder family members, out of respect). The term was originally coined to take away the negative connotation behind the word "nigger", which was constantly used to dehumanize African-Americans during times of slavery and strong prejudice.

Unfortunately, people of other races immediately think of "black people" and the negative stereotypes associated with them when they hear the term "nigga" which causes much dismay among the African-American community.
1. "Man, these niggas be talking shit about us again"

"Yeah, white people just don't get it sometimes"

2. "Dis my nigga Joseph" (This is my friend Joseph)
by urbandictionaryuser200 January 05, 2014
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