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A 12 year old child, who plays a game called "Five Nights at Freddie's" 24/7, and only talks about it. FNAFAGS are to be avoided as they drive people crazy.
James: Did you see the new Golden Freddy.
Steve: No, because I don't play this stupid game you speak of.
James: I have survived 5 nights.
Steve: You're such a FNAFAG!
by ultranova March 11, 2015

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The Australian word for definition and definitely.
James: Wanna write a defo in the urban dictionary?
Tom: Defo.
by ultranova July 16, 2016

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A short, fat, french chef, who feeds children mash potato that tastes like cat food.
Stephen: What is this crap!
Malcolm: I guess the chef is a "Manu".
by ultranova March 11, 2015

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A person who plays many games on a console, and brags about how good they are, and can't play pc games properly.
Dennis: I got the new Call of Duty game.
James: So what?
Dennis: I have the...
James: You're Console Peasant!
by ultranova March 15, 2015

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Australian for a beautiful ute, which is Australian for a utility vehicle (a bloody sedan with its back row and trunk removed and opened up for storage.
Jezza: Oi mate wheres my bloody six-pack of bundy's?
Dazza: In the pack of my bloody beautaute mate!
Jezza: Oath.
by ultranova January 03, 2017

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A child who is obsessed with the game "Fifa" franchise and tells everyone how good it is, obsession usually spread from person to person contact. It is advised to stay away from these people.
Sam: Oh my god!
Tom: What!
Sam: I got Messi!
by ultranova March 15, 2015

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Common Douche Bag, a regular Douche who gives no craps about their friends, and ignores them (alot).
Tom: Max! Max! Max!
Max: Soooo. Steve how's your game going?
Steve: M8 it's going gr8!
Tom: What a bunch of CDB's!
by ultranova March 15, 2015

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