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Basically, it's an expression used to symbolize jealousy across the neighborhood and the need to keep up with each other. It's usually just technology, but the subject can be changed to lawnmowers, cars, etc.
Sometime in 2001...
Joseph: Dad! May I have the PS2?
Dad: No, you still have your Nintendo 64, right?
Joseph: It can play DVD's.
Dad: Okay, be prepared, I'll drive you to the Best Buy.
Dad, this time on his mind: I'll have to keep up with the Joneses!
by totallynot12yearsold November 10, 2020

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A band consisting of 4 men: Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon. They specialize in opera rock and easily one of the most British things.
A decent man: Have you ever heard of Queen? Their music is pretty good!
A dumb ass koreaboo: Ugh, BTS IS SO MUCH BETTER!
A decent man:( Instantly smacks his laptop against the koreaboo )
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by totallynot12yearsold March 28, 2020

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a motherboard manufacturer.
"Nice, I got an ASRock motherboard"
by totallynot12yearsold September 24, 2020

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Open PS2 Loader, aka OPL is a piece of software used in conjunction with Free Mcboot. It is used as a way to play games from an USB drive, internal HDD, or from a network.
Michael: Hey, is that a PS2?
Luis: Sure it is!
Michael: Lemme guess, modded?
Luis: Got FMCB and Open PS2 Loader in there.
by totallynot12yearsold September 24, 2020

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an aftermarket mod for your ps2, usually in the form of a memory card.
used in conjunction with opl
person 1: hey you got the free mcboot card
person 2: that'll be 5 dollars
person 1: here you go
person 2: thanks
by totallynot12yearsold September 24, 2020

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Possibly the most badass Asian man in the modern history of the world.
Also a Cantopop star, an actor, a stuntman and a loving father.
Bet you didn't see that coming?
Malcolm: Who's your favorite actor?
Jake: Jackie Chan.
Malcolm: He's my favorite star too!
Jake: Hell yeah!
(And that's how they became best friends.)
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by totallynot12yearsold March 30, 2020

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A game developer that used to make pretty good games, but has changed to be the greedy company we know today.
Person 1: Dammit, I got scammed by EA.
Person 2: In what way?
Person 1: The servers shut down while I was trying to buy in game currency.
Person 2: Yeah, I know the feeling.
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by totallynot12yearsold April 09, 2020

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