15 definitions by thurbsy

A simple statement acknowledging next level greatness
^ One hit off that joint from Ned's stash, and four hours later I'm still buzzed
> Yeah, no kidding. That shit's fire
by thurbsy August 8, 2021
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^ The virus originated in a Wuhan wet market
> Yeah, that's what Xi said
by thurbsy October 30, 2021
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A woman who is beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside
ralph: Do you know what a spiritual eyesore is?
ned: Do I? Shit! I'm married to one, buddy. Hello?
fiona: Hey! I heard that, motherfucker!
ned: Oops! Sorry, dear!
by thurbsy January 1, 2021
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It's something that only a person who is so not over it ever says
political reporter: Madam Speaker, some Americans think impeaching Donald Trump a second time suggests that you have a personal vendetta against him. What do you have to say to those people who...
nancy pelosi: Personal vendetta? Oh, please. I'm so over it. Next question!
by thurbsy February 3, 2021
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An acronym. It stands for "Jerks In Social Media"
Another name for members of the Cancel Culture mob on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al who exist a) to be outraged and b) to make others' lives miserable
Never back down from or apologize to the JISM because the JISM are never satisfied. They only want to crush you
by thurbsy April 1, 2021
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Lame excuse often used to rationalize why somebody's life went in a bad direction
Hangin' out with the wrong people, my ass! You ARE the "wrong people", fool. Wise the hell up!
by thurbsy April 25, 2021
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It's what Joe Biden says when he wants you to think he's being brutally frank with you, but the truth is it's a signal (inadvertent or not) that he's about to tell a big whopper
biden: Here's the deal! My new energy plan will benefit ALL Americans
working stiff: Oh, geesh. Here we go again
biden: Including and especially women and POC who are most adversely impacted by global...
working stiff: Oh, FFS *groan*
by thurbsy May 17, 2021
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