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Kill Hannah is a New Romantic-influenced Alt rock/Synth rock band formed in 1994 in Chicago. The band's name came from lead singer Mat Devine's fallout with his girlfriend Hannah. The band has since released 4 studio albums as well as several compilations and EP's. Mat Devine has also founded the Chicago Suicide Club, an organization devoted to individuality and fashion. Mat Devine does sings a bit girlish and the band does have a sorta cheesy image, which makes them hated by quite a lot of people. but despite this I feel Kill Hannah's a real talented band that's worth trying out.

Current line-up (taken from Wikipedia):

Mat Devine - vocals, guitar
Jonathan Radtke - guitar, backing vocals
Dan Wiese - guitar, backing vocals
Greg Corner - bass, merchandise selling
Elias Mallin - tour drummer
Kill Hannah's first studio album was Here Are The Young Moderns, followed by American Jet Set, For Never and Ever, and Until There's Nothing Left Of Us.
by the really really insane dude August 30, 2008
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