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The whoriest of the whores. So desprate for cock they will chase male horses on a track.
Damn, that girl did like three dudes and an elephant in one hour. Yea she's a track whore for sure.
by the great cornholio February 17, 2005
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this is a variation of eating someone's ass, or in other words tossing salad. the difference is that the receiver recently ate some corn which did not get broken down during digestion and lands on your tongue during the aforementioned rim job. you can either be grossed out, or enjoy a surprise tasty treat.
I'm having corn on the cob for breakfast so your mom can have some corn salad tonight!
by the great cornholio June 18, 2006
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Another fine Weapon of Mass Annoyance from the Osama Bin Gates terror cell.
Ready to forge an international coalition and call it Operation Infinite Folly: shock and awe Redmond with mass quantities of inconvenient error reports. I want to choke the bastard who thought of that one.
by The Great Cornholio January 05, 2004
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