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The sensation you get when someone you trust screws you over in subtle ways.
"Hey, Bob. Quit picking your ass."
"I know, right? I'm going commando but I can't shake this feeling..."
"What feeling, man?"
"That someone, somewhere, is about to come up behind me and pull my shorts up over my head."
"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I saw Nick chatting up your woman."
Phantom Wedgie
by The Fresh Maker April 13, 2013
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1) an extra extra extra extra extra large tampons

2) made for fat women who have huge vaginas

3) and i mean huge

4) something that would probably be used in a james-bond style movie, but with a women

5) Something Rosie O'Donnel would use

6) almost used instead of the hoover dam

7) something you find is Ms. Jabba-the-hut's glove box.
"Hey i heard suzy had a really big vagina."

"Ya. She uses a parachute tampon."

"ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh. That's big."
by the fresh maker May 06, 2009
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