1 definition by the dog dies 10 years ago you stupid PISS! YOU'RE JUST A STUPID PISS!

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For anyone who reads this and is offended, i don't mean to be so rude. I dress the same as the scene kids, it's the way they act all stuck-up that really pisses me off. They ned to get over themselves, really!

how do you describe the scene? I dress alternatively, and thus am dubbed to be an Emo kid. Obviously, if you are Emo and not part of the scene, you aren't 'cool' and you're a 'poser'. It's just bullshit. You must like the same music as them, like A Heartwell Ending (who don't have a definition as of yet =( ), Alkaline Trio, Story of the Year (<3who are coming to brisbane in may! and i'm going! YES! can't wait ^_^)and Funeral for a Friend. If they don't know you, you are a n00b, even though i have been going to the city for longer than any of the scene kids. I'm friends with the scene, but i don't want to be part of them. if you go around and talk to a lot of scene kids, you will realise they all used to be gangstuurs. That's because back then, gangstuur was cool, and now it's emo. as soon as it goes out of style, the scene will all piss off and join whatever is the next new fad. it's just like the gangstuur era too, only with different clothes and music. Here are the similarities:
-Scene kids fight with other scenes, like gang warfare.
-They carry guns, only plastic ones
-they wear bandannas
-they talk in thug speak
-they pick on others not like them
-they have particular music you must like
-they have 'cool' areas and 'lame' areas
typical scene kid speak: OMG! did you see those n00bs? i didn't see them at the Coheed and Cambria gig, which is totally the IN place! what posers! <333 xox
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