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The most caring person with a very energetic personality. A handsome young man, who wants nothing but to make people happy. Can be shy and sensitive at times, but knows how to make people smile. He knows how to charm people without even realizing it... At times, he may talk a lot, and may be "annoying", but that's what makes him more unique. He knows what he wants, and may present himself in a certain way that is usually classified as gay, but he doesn't care. He likes to interact with people, and is one of the, if not the nicest person you can ever meet. Haters are gonna hate on him all the time and try to tear him down, and he knows how to rise above the bullshit. Also has no time for any fake people.
"Dion you talk too damn much, shut the hell up."
"Dude, you're soooo gaaayyyy."
Riley: "Hey, Ben, who's that cute guy over there?"
Ben: "Oh, that's just Dion. He's not much of a talker."
by thatoneshykid August 31, 2019

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