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Generally considered to be what the emos of years gone by have grown up into, and with it recieving the same ignorant hatred etc, "Indie" simply refers to Independent Music, i.e. music which hasn't been signed to a label. Of course some people try to fit into this by "being" Indie, but really it's not something you can be. Such people typically have floppy, greasy hair, wear silly jumpers, chinos and vans and usually suffer from delusions of grandeur and smoke inexpensive roll ciggarettes whilst talking about how individual and different they are. Whilst not truely Indie, these people have come to earn the term "Indie" a bad name and with it have ruined anyone who happens to enjoy that type of music innocently, without being a pretentious poser.
My friends and I were discussing our Musical taste one evening in the pub when some Indie posers came over and started telling us how much cooler they are than us. Naturally, we told them to go get haircuts and come back once they'd washed.
by tell it like it is really July 29, 2011

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