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Not as bad as some people like skaorific would say. Sure the vaaaaaaaast majority of teh people are preppy but everyone has tere clique. I mean i am a hardcore metal man but I still get teh eff around. there are indeed tons of preps around, and our mascot sux, but i mean at least were not teh delbendover gay wave. respect.
i do football, wrestling, and track. not everyone at pingry is a soccer/basketball/lacrosse type.
by teh m4573r 0f pupp37Z April 18, 2005
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more like, the last name of a complete loser who has a ridiculous account on KoL and deserves to be PvPd all over teh place. im not telling his first name, tats impolite
******* esposito is a complete n00b. pvp him.
by teh m4573r 0f pupp37Z April 17, 2005
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