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A comedy involving crazy state troopers who take there job not seriously enough. But it IS funny as hell and I recommend everyone to see it.
Unit 91: Come in radio
Radio: Don't call me "radio" unit 91
Unit 91: Then don't call me unit 91 "radio"
Unit 91: We have a suspicious vehicle, license plate: tijuana, niner, fiver, zero
Radio: Roger, checking...Unit 91 that license plate belongs to a local sperburry police vehicle
Unit 91: It does?! OH MY GOD!!!

Hey Farva! what's the name of that resteraunt you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzerella sticks?
You mean shenanegans????

Say car ramrad, say car ramrod

...and that was the second time i got crabs

if you were my wife, i would massage your feet every night until you fell asleep

hell, give me 20 bucks and i'll call them chickenfuckers.
by team ramrod December 30, 2004
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