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an extremely cool upper half outfit.
it consists of a shirt(usually a green shirt that says "No, i swear im in college") then a button down shirt over that.
they have to match according to color.
for example green college shirt=green striped button down.
the button shirt can not be buttoned.
it just hangs loosely.
it is usually paired with jeans or khakis.
only cool people can wear this look.
and it is only for parties!
movies? no way.
only parties!

usually worn by eric(fergie)
A-woah what is that eric wearing?!
B-oh its called the layered look, Biko came up with it.
A-wow, im wearing that to the next party.
B-dude, you are not nearly cool enough to wear that.
by tandy _lover69 June 27, 2008

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