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A girl who is awesome, cool, grateful, hot and has a whole lot of self-confidence. She will be cool with almost anything. If you mess with her and push her too hard, she will make sure people know. Shes not a prude but has some common sence as to not put her self out there and be slutty. If you could date a Kaitlyn, you should totally get her before someone else does. Kaitlyns need someone to love and give their affection to, they love to cuddle and be alone with the person they like. Kaitlyns are usually smart, cool and not goody-goodies but they have a nerdy side and a rebel side and usually, a risque side. Kaityns are the best
#1.)Dude, why are you so happy?
#2.)I was just a the mall with Kaitlyn
#1.)No way! How'd you manage to get her?
by swagarific February 11, 2012

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