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the worst city you could ever live in . it consists of stupid ghetto black people and retarded-ass, wanna-be-gangsta', illegal- ass, border-jumping gelheads we call mexicans, . 19% black 80% mexicans and 1% whites don't ever think twice about moving here. there is no need. i can't wait to get out of this pathetic ass town.
meanwhile in pittsburg:

luis & luisa: *drives 2.5 mph in their mini-van filled with 600 little mexican kids because they don't have a drivers license and they don't speak english*

boosie & dukequasia: *lives in a ghetto ass apartment that smells like nothing but illegal drugs and weed. won't bother to get a job because if they had one, they would probably get fired quickly because of their horrible stench*
by super asian1111 May 22, 2011

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