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A Julie is someone that is truly gorgeous. When she walks into a room she is the center of attention. All the guys cant help but stare, breathtaken by her beauty. She has flawless hair, beautiful eyes, soft lips, and nice legs. Someone who's a Julie likes to feel that you pay attention to her. She loves compliments. She is the equivalent of perfection. The most beatiful girl on the face of the earth. She is everything you could ever ask for. She is honest and caring, and will try her best to show you how she feels about you once she feels that you care. Julies LOVE hugs and affection. They are easy to talk to and love to be with people. Julies are forgiving and can never hold a grudge over anyone no matter how bad you may hurt them. Her whole world may be crumbling apart but she will never show you she is hurt. If you love someone name Julie treat her right and talk to her often, they lose interest in people fairly quickly. A Julie is a very sensitive person and although she can take a joke, be careful because she might take it the wrong way. She is very independent and trustworthy. If you ever have the privilege of meeting a Julie, be nice to her, dont hurt her, and never let her go. You will regret it. Show her you love her and you will win her heart forever.
Chris: DAMN! did you see that girl over there?!?
Nick: Yeah man thats Julie, isnt she AMAZING?

Eric: Julie's so hot, I want her to be mine
Marc: Doesn't everyone?
by sugarpuffprincess October 22, 2011
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