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USM is not full of rich snobs. I use to go to a public school but then i swithed cause my fammily went there. and by the way most of my best friends are at public schools. and not a lot of us wear seven jeans. we arent very preppy either what so ever we just have a uniform that makes us look preppy. its not that we are to rich to go to public schools its just the school we want to go to. we also dont spend summers at exprensive lake houses. i dont know of anyone in my grade that had a really big lake house or even a really big house. just because we go to one of the best and most expensive schools doesnt mean that we are all the things you say about us. we dont act the way you think we do. we are all really nice. we wear regular clothes to just like yours. we wear abercrombie, american eage, hollister, old navy, aeropostale, j crew etc. we do wear some lilly, polo and other stores but thats because we need polo shirts for our uniform and we just get them there. so all of you guys spreading roomers about USM. just please stop it!
University school of milwaukee is not full of rich snobs!!!!
by stop with the steriotypes December 13, 2006
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