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A school in which the parents pay lots of money so their "little darling" can have the very very best.

This environment manufactures many things, such as, snobbery towards people who are not as economically prosperous enough to go to private school, or feel that they can get an OK education at a state school. Empiricism, shelter, pansyness, and most importantly, a severe lack of life experience, and a belief that the world really is this pretty coddling environment in which people will pick them up, dust them off, and whisper words of encouragement and love in their ears until they feel big enough to carry on.

The delusion is so complete, that most private school girls and boys have no idea that they are deluded, and are conditioned to think that the extremely easy lifestyle they lead is really tough. They say things like, "I'm not rich! We're poor from paying for tution." Not realizing that "poor" is where you cannot eat. And "poor" in the developed countries in which they live, is being in commission housing on the dole. However, this is rarely problematic, as most of them are financially taken care of, and able to continue to lead this easy lifestyle in which they are accustomed outside of school. However, it is occasionally problematic when said child's parents realize their mistake in raising the child accustomed to unconditional goodness, and decide to let it flounder. In which case, it fails miserably.
I go to a private school. I cannot believe the arrogance of the wealthy.

I've seen and been through things these private school kids couldn't even imagine, and they have the nerve to act as if they know more about life than I do.
by stonahsarah April 06, 2009
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