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Another word for McDonalds because it's seems that at every McShithole restaurant in the US and in Canada the staff and the customers are the most ignorant, loud and rude black people you have ever seen who curse, taunt and start fights for no other reason than the fact that they are ignorant animals.
Person #1: I'm hungry, let's go to McDonalds!
Person #2: McDonalds? More like McNiggers! That place is full of untamed animals 24/7!
by sprimusp June 30, 2011
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Of or pertaining to the language, traditions and culture of the people of the Germanic speaking countries of northern and western Europe. The Germanic peoples originated in what now is modern Scandinavia and northern Germany but spread throughout Europe even into the the Roman Empire of modern day Italy, France and Spain and also parts of central and eastern Europe. The Germanic people typically have fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair but also brown, red and black hair and brown eyes.
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and English are all Germanic rooted languages and each country has (but not exclusively) a Germanic ancestry.
by sprimusp June 27, 2011
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The typical suburban trashy white people who want to be black. They wear all of the cheap ghetto brands that are 2 sizes too big. The guys usually have really short hair with some kind of gel holding it in place and the girls dye their hair jet black. They tend to talk as if they were black but not always, some of them do talk like the common hick of the south. They can be found in trailer parks or any suburban town.
Kevin Federline is a White Trash Wigger.
by sprimusp June 27, 2011
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Typically a Chinese or Russian women with bad manners and zero social etiquette. They have bad attitudes, and do not greet you if you come into their stores or businesses. They chew with their mouths open, spit in public and throw garbage on the ground. They also tend to not wear deodorant and stink up every place they go. Even though a male can be a Commie Cunt, it is usually used to refer to females.
The other day I went into the Chinese store to buy some noodles and the lady at the counter was a total Commie Cunt, she didn't even look at me, greet me or say thank you.

That Russian is smelly and has a bad attitude... must be a Commie Cunt.
by sprimusp August 09, 2011
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The typical attitude of many black people that most have experienced in their lives, especially if you have you worked in customer service or ridden a Greyhound Bus. Signs of a Blacktitude include indifference towards others by cursing, yelling and being rude. Also, a Blacktitude includes waving on the neck and hand when trying to get a point across or when they are not pleased.
Go to any major city where black people are working and you are sure to get a Blacktitude.

Typical Blacktitude quote: "OH NO SHE DI'NT!"
by sprimusp March 14, 2011
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American Punk-Metal band with a really unique sound. Formed by Casey Chaos, the band has gone through many label and line up changes with Casey the only remaining member. The band has received praise from many punk pioneers but is overlooked and mostly dislked in the United States.
Amen are an under rated and over looked amazing punk band with an original sound.
by sprimusp December 08, 2008
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Another name for the country of Mexico. It combines the words Shit and Mexico making Shitsico. The country is filled with corruption, poverty and a population of people who lie, cheat, backstab and disregard the laws of the countries they sneak/come to. Therefore, a place where no one wants to live is shit, hence Shitsico.
Julio: I am from Mexico.
Jens: More like Shitsico.
by sprimusp April 20, 2011
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