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A rising star she's almost perfect except her eyes are too close together. It's said she's touring in the UK right now.
Cyan Reed is, like, one of the prettiest people I know.
by sp3@r June 07, 2011
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It's what you use when you want to say someone's name on the internet. It can be used for both boys and girls.
shitty guy's name: "damn!"
by sp3@r August 13, 2010
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It's what you say when you want to do something for someone, but they completley fucked it up with a simple freggin' mistake!

(Caution: If used to much, you can be at serious risk of being nicknamed "Token Black Guy" or "Wannabee-nigger"
Teacher: "Alright class, I will give the students that get a 200 on their test a pizza party this friday!"
<After test>
Teacher: "Come here shitty guy's name. Aw, I'm sorry, but you have a 198. You misspelled 'New' in New York."
Shitty Guy: "deeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmn!"
by sp3@r August 13, 2010
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Someone who is Jewish that gets a lot of Catholic Girls to give him a group hand job.
Leelie, Beccha, Edith, Hannah, and Chyenne are all going in the house with that nice little Jewish boy. They don't smoke pot so they're probably going to give him a Jewish Handjob.
by sp3@r September 08, 2010
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