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The greatest actor ever to walk on the face of the earth. Sometimes refered to as "the zel" because he pwns that much ass in his movies, that he can have his own nickname. I wouldnt be the least bit surprized if the zel was actually god or the mesiah that the jews have been looking for. He even did a queer nickolodian commericial and made it greatness. If you disagree with me then you are retarded, AND THE ZEL WILL SMITE YOU WITH HIS ALMIGHTY ACTING SKILLS BITCH!
My friend:dude im gonna get fucking LAIED tonite
Me: Denzel Washington has a new movie out
My friend: ZOMG!! im going to tell mirah carey right infront of her TITS that im going to see the new zel movie!!
Me: your right the zel owns mariah carey
by slizzamin samuel September 08, 2006
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