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the place where you can find a whole school of kids playing outside all day because their uber-christian parents pretend that they are teaching them at home. where you could at one point find a balanced number of pro-george w. and anti-george w. bumper stickers. where, it doesn't matter if one is a "wigger" or a "goth" because either way, you've convinced me not to drink the water here. but it is a quaint little spot, rednecks and all. inflatable ravens characters adorn front lawns and drinking on the porch is not a-typical. also: thugs can be found at the whiz car wash and taco bell across the street where as the hottopic kids linger around burger king. don't confuse people from carney with parkvillians or else they are insulted.
Carney: Pfft, I'm north of Parkville. or should I say "pukeville"?
by slf227 October 15, 2007
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