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University of North Dakota, formally known as UND, and also known for the Fighting Sioux Hockey team, and the flight school. Has sub-par education with a good label on it. Most students could possibly be corn-fed and inbred minnekotans (minnesota/northdaka residents) who drink heavily during all seasons especially during the relentless winter. Girls are known to be very easy due to their former lifestyles on the farm performing beastiality with the animals. The remaining 15% of students are asian aviation students who enjoy anime and talking jibberish, while avoiding showers and keeping their toxic smell. Fraternities are a big part of student life, a big cover up of luring drunk girls to the bedroom, this activity is especially encouraged throughout the student body, along with sharing of STD's between groups of friends via choice females. Studying is almost not known at UND, due to functioning alcoholism among students of all ages, also due to daily parties and hockey games. There is a large known rivalry between UND and the farming community of incest formally known as North dakota state University in Fargo.
University of North Dakota has such sick parties the professors like hearing about them and remembering their glory days.

did you hear about that girl date raped at university of north dakota?
by sioux soldier February 04, 2012
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