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1. A foul or unpleasant odor which comes form the vagina of a female with bad hygiene.

2. A vagina that is not washed properly or on a regular basis.

3. Stank pussy
pernounced {RON~CHEE/ CHON~CH}

1. I went out with this chick, and man... she had some real raunchy chonch.

2. I'm never calling that bitch back, she had the worst case of raunchy chonch I've ever smelled in my my life.

3. Her raunchy chonch smells worse than the local fish market.
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1. A male who enjoys tossing the salad of other males.
2. A homosexual man who likes licking butt crack.
3. A very gay man.
fan-ee-fin-chur fanny fincher
1. George bush pretends he's straight, but we all know that he is a fanny fincher.
2. I saw him in the locker room with another guy being a fanny fincher.
by shugahhh aka vegas bitch February 05, 2010
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