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.A person, in general, who is much more educated and informed than the average conservative. Who thinks an expert trained in their field is more knowledgeable than a talk show host. Who thinks we on earth should solve our problems rather than the invisible man in the sky. Who can back up what they say by checking facts and sources. Who knows the difference between facts-knowledge and faith-belief. Who believes in science and doesn't think scientists are conspiring to present falsities as facts to advance some sinister agenda. Who cares more about people than money. Who love more than they hate. Who knows a system based on greed can not fulfill the greater good but instead empowers con men, and all manner of criminals. Who understands that the rich and powerful will lord over everyone else unless the government imposes some restraint. Who fought for workers rights, such as the abolition of child labor, the 40 hour workweek, overtime pay, workers comp.,the right to organize collectively, equal rights and pay for women and many many other rights. All of these advances were fought by the cons. Most of which they would turn back if they could. Who want to progress into the future rather than retrogress into a fairy tail past.
The more educated one is the more likely one is to be humane, liberal, and agnostic.
by show me or blow me October 26, 2011

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