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3OH!3 is the best band ever, consisting of sean foreman and nathaniel motte. its a hip hop and electronic band, named after denver's area code, 303. they're from boulder colorado and they met at the university of denver.

they have two albums: self-titled "3OH!3" and "Want." "3OH!3" was self- released. 3OH!3 signed with Photo Finish Records for "Want."

their most famous most famous song, Don't Trust Me, is absolutely amazing!! both that and another of their songs, Starstrukk, have been featured on MTV's The Hills.

3OH!3 usually uses skits and costumes during their live concerts, and are known for giving amazing live performances. 3OH!3 was in Warped Tour 2008 and is currently on tour in the United States.
person: hey have you heard of the band 3OH!3?
rachael: uhhh yeahhh!! its only the best band ever!!! sean foreman is super sexy too.
person: ohh yeaaaaa
by sean foreman's wife November 09, 2008

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