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The perfect one. The type of girl that will run back for or to you no matter what. She cares unconditionally about almost everything. She gives everyone the benefit of doubt, even when most don't deserve it. Tammy won't judge anyone, but she dislikes liars, fakes, and cheaters. She's the cute, shy, girl next door. Girls named Tammy are very sweet, and can end up blushing at anything. If you're feeling down, Tammy's usually are sarcastic and can make you smile in an instant. Tammy's usually are very passionate in love and never forget their first love.. most even end up marrying them! They believe in true love, and even in Hebrew, the name means "the perfect one". Guys with Tammy's are the luckiest of all.
"I'm having a bad day."
"You better get yourself a Tammy, she'd cheer you right up, and who knows, if you're lucky, maybe she'll even fall in love with you."
by sakroots November 16, 2016

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