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better than st catherines... PERIOD.
.. i dont need an example.. just ask everyone
by saints beat it January 26, 2005

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A great school which is constently having to compete with the "smart young ladies" at collegiate and st catherines. Both schools spend their time dissing "dirty gerties" simply because of their extreme jealousy. They ramble on about us getting more ass than them and getting it from their guys, which allows them to write about it on a website just to totally embarass themselves. They think that going to our school is an insult, think again.. its an honor to be able to do what we can do.. party harder than any other girls in RIC.
St cats: hey, wats up for tonight?
st cats 2: im not sure.. im thinkin about staying home but my daddy might take me car shopping..
st cats: man.. i thought u and i were goin to get together and cry ourselves to sleep tonight be everyone at our school sux
collegiate girl: o what. crying?... bc both of our schools suck?! im in!
by saints beat it January 29, 2005

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