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The beginning of WW3
russia and ukraine are now at war, which is most likely the beginning of WW3
I see china invading taiwan, then N korea invading S korea, then ww3 starts in europe
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com February 26, 2022
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Anything thatIs in the slightest or even remotely:
-Against Ukraine
-Positive about Russia
-Anti NATO
-Anti Americanism
-Anti british
-Anti korean
-Anti French
-Anti German
-Anti italian
-Anti japanese
-Anti westernism
-Anti taiwan
-Anti israel
-Pro Russian
-Pro chinese
-Pro trump
-Pro conservatism
-Pro theism

-Pro persian
-Pro anything that portrays western countries and governments as facist/imperialist/tyrannical
Examples of “russian propaganda”:
“Trump wasn’t that bad”
“Russia has its ups and downs”
NATO was created to counter Russia/USSR”
“America definitely has room for improvement”
“The western world isn’t popular outside the west
“China is very developed and technological”
“Ukraines government is corrupt but improving”
“NATO provaciation and expansion threatened russia into invading ukraine
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com June 8, 2022
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ANYTHING that is against Ukraine in the slightest
I stand for Ukraine——— Normal
Ukraine instigated the war ———- Russian propaganda
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com June 8, 2022
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a rapidly growing city in the midwestern state of nebraska. its population is larger then a few more prominent cities such as miami, new orleans, honolulu, minneapolis, and on par with atlanta. it has 2 sky scrappers but a third one is planning to be built, which will be the largest building in nebraska.
stupid girl: you live in omaha? dont you drive tractors to school?
smart person: girl shut up only 38 cities in the entire nation of 330 million are larger then omaha. omahas population is just 9k less then atlanta, which is 498K.
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com October 11, 2022
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A flag with the xbox logo on it
Person 1: I love 🇰🇬
Person 2: Yea i like xbox as well
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com March 31, 2022
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Person a: I’m from 🇰🇿!
Person b: does a country even use that flag?
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com March 31, 2022
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she is like 17 or 18 and she down bad bro black belt in karate with a fat ass
im kinda drunk rn but that doesnt stop me from wanting to fuck u athena neville you better not ever see this nigga
by ryanfidone2006@gmail.com September 11, 2022
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