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The abbreviation for "live on 3. good luck have fun, faggots" Specifically used before a match in CS:GO. This term is commonly used for little assholes who's mom didn't give them their V-bucks. The little assholes in the match are usually toxic and t-bag you whenever you die. They spam in chat "LOL" "EZ" "DIE FGT" "TRASH" "LMAO".

If you use this term, grow the fuck up.

Player 1: "lo3 glhf fgts"
Player 2: ur fgt wym lol
Player 3: good luck
Player 4: stupid ass nigga
by roboblitz January 6, 2022
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An acronym for a popular virtual game on Roblox, played by most of the history fans or users that can't afford HOI4, RIse of Nations.

Rise of Nations is a game on Roblox that's been made on November 14, 2018 by a Roblox utilizer designated Hyperant. The game currently has a visit count of around 80.1 Million players. Most of the game's sounds and soundtrack emanate from the game Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4), so the game may or may not be a Pixelated Lego Version of HOI4. The designation of the game additionally emanates from an old nation game,Rise of Nations. The only deplorable thing about this game is it is filled with stereotypes. Crayon Munchers, Toxic Kids, Sweats, Chill Dudes, Exploiters, EXP Farmers, you name it.

Other acronyms you can find in this game are:

MP = Manpower
WP = White Peace
WE = War Exhaustion

and other shit
Person 1: Hey! Wanna play RoN?
Person 2: Isn't that a Roblox copy of HOI4?
Hyperant: s h u t u p

zijfdsoiaiojeag: pls give mp and money
anime_xdfshg3321: HAHA RUSSIA DOESNT HAVE FACTORIES SO LAME I COULD PROBABLY BEAT HIM *proceeds to live off of selling electronics for money*
broskiguyfinland555: *destroys china troop spam with a single veteran unit* gg
kachiga_mynigga: *spawns 134,325,829,903,859,293,590 troops out of thin air and magically gets grandmaster title*
by roboblitz March 12, 2022
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A person who adores the British Empire, and can't stop blabbing and talking about the British Empire. Every few minutes a British Empire fact comes out of the "Britanniaboo's" mouth. Britanniaboos are usually 14 year old Americans who learnt too much about what a British Empire is and criticizing you on hating the British Empire
Britanniaboo: "Did you know that King Henry the IAVSXXIAXVAXXINATED had an erection in the middle of London?!"
Person: "Shut the hell up no one cares."
by roboblitz May 3, 2022
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A slang used mostly in Roblox. The slang is an emoticon resembling a person with nerdy glasses. It's used to mark sarcastic bragging or just a silly expression.
1230Askqa1230: bruh whered your get that
crodz2873: i got me some cola B)
by roboblitz September 13, 2021
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An abbreviation for the term "Faggots". Faggots meaning a person, specifically who's sex is male, who is gay. Commonly used as an insult in games like CS:GO and many other online mulitplayer communities
hairfollicleloss21: lo3 glhf fgts


Person 1: you fucking moron
Person 2: lol fuck all of you too fgts
by roboblitz January 6, 2022
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The abbreviation for "Words Per Minute". This term is used to descriminate shitty Roblox roleplayers who don't have a high WPM so they spam "I slug his jaw" so the victim would get pissed.
Example 1:

shitty roleplayer: "i sugl hsi jwa"
roleplayer 1: "((OOC
roleplayer 1: "((lol imagine using 'i slug his jaw' for a high WPM rate"
roleplayer 2: "((haha ####### loser imagine"
roleplayer 3: "I'd walked up to the conversation. ' ' What's going on here? ' '"
shitty roleplayer: "###### this game.))"

Example 2:

Person 1: "speedtypers probably think their WPM is 100"
Person 2: "yeah lol"
by roboblitz January 6, 2022
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