32 definitions by rick animation

an upcoming adult swim series which is basically a zombie apocalypse but with cartoons, and the infection is this glitchy blob turning it's victims into either zombies or terrifying monstrosities.
pibby, that's it.
by rick animation March 9, 2022
a person in the goanimate universe who has games that suck arse. for example, take five nights at jack paul's with game-breaking bugs and glitches that appear out of nowhere mid-gameplay that is known as comedy gold to me.
eric: jack paul made a new game! and it's REALLY BAD!
by rick animation April 25, 2022
the internet rule that corrupts your childhood in front of your eyes.
jonathan: jack? why do you look traumatized?

jack: i just wanted to see fanart of my childhood on google.. but instead, you know what i saw? FEMALE CHARACTERS GETTING DRILLED.

jonathan: oh yeah, that's rule 34.
by rick animation February 23, 2022
an animation cliche that is most likely seen in some flipaclip animations.
user: oh god, look, it's the well-known circle tool.
by rick animation April 17, 2022
a nick jr character who teaches spanish and lessons
4 year old: dora the explorer rocks!
by rick animation March 9, 2022
a male fan of the TV show my little pony: friendship is magic. some are chill, some are toxic, some are questionable, you name it.
brony: hi, do you watch my little pony? you'll like it!

person: isn't it for little girls?

brony: just trust me, it's so good.

*minutes later*

person: wow, that was AWESOME!
by rick animation February 23, 2022