32 definitions by rick animation

it's one way to let your ipad raise your child.
tik tok is cringe.
by rick animation February 26, 2022
a fear of the psychotic vegetable karen known as that vegan teacher.
person: i have thatveganteacherphobia
by rick animation March 6, 2022
a male fan of the TV show my little pony: friendship is magic. some are chill, some are toxic, some are questionable, you name it.
brony: hi, do you watch my little pony? you'll like it!

person: isn't it for little girls?

brony: just trust me, it's so good.

*minutes later*

person: wow, that was AWESOME!
by rick animation February 23, 2022
one of the worst breed of fans ever. it's this cringy fan of sans who kills over the internet if you try and touch him.
bill: hey, have you seen that fangirl of sans-


sans fangirl: DID SOMEBODY SAY SANS?
by rick animation March 6, 2022
an orange fat lazy cat who craves lasagna and hates mondays. in the original comic strip, he speaks in his mind, and somehow his owner jon can hear him talk in his mind. but in the garfield show, he can actually talk instead of talking in his minds, so the feline can say actual words.
jon: oh dang it i forgot to feed the fat feline

garfield: better give me my food or i'll hit you with this bat
by rick animation February 25, 2022
an animation meme that later on became a omni man meme. what an evolution.
2017 hot milk: animation meme
2021 hot milk: omni man meme
by rick animation March 9, 2022
the best drink i've ever had in my life, hits more when you add chocolate syrup
it's most likely used for breakfast like cereal or a glass of it
by rick animation August 21, 2022