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remember the classic challenges like the ice bucket challenge? now that's slandered into a murder machine all thanks to clout chasers desperate for a droplet of clout. tiktok challenges are challenges where you do something stupid all for that load of clout. in some cases, they most likely backfire and go horribly wrong and in the aftermath the tiktoker is either dead or hospitalized all for that clout.
tiktok challenges are dumb.
by rick animation February 25, 2022
a roblox game known as the home to the controversies within. nowadays of the game's alive and kicking history, you would be met with slenders, copy and pastes, and hackers moments after you hop in one of the servers of the game.
person: hey, you wanna go in ragdoll engine?

person 2: no.. i'm not going back to that hellhole of a ragdoll game...
by rick animation February 23, 2022
a braindead vegan who makes countless attempts to forcing you to be vegan. she also makes bad comparisons. for example, she tries to compare a gay person being bullied to the making of a steak as dacept explains that said bad comparison.
bill: have you seen that vegan teacher's mcdonald's tiktok?
jim: yeah, if only she knew that is not how the world works.
by rick animation March 1, 2022
it's a reddit subreddit that grants you your fair share of cringe in the gacha life community. oh, and there's also haters of this subreddit which is most likely gacha kids including the infamous kailah gaming who milked a dead streamer known as roro-chan, it's pretty effed up if you ask me.
jake: hey, have you heard about r/gachalifecringe?
tommy: yeah, so many cringe enough for me to bleach my eyes out and bathe in holy water.
by rick animation February 25, 2022
a creepypasta cliche that is most likely used by creepypasta writers in some occasions.
by rick animation May 3, 2022
a japanese rage-inducing parody of the og super mario game that is stuffed with unique tricks and kaizo traps using the advantage of the og game's mechanics (along with super mario world's mechanics). for example (AND SPOILER ALERT FOR WHOEVER WHO HASN'T PLAYED THE GAME): the 3rd question block you come across gives you an enemy and the 1up question block is just multiple poisonous mushrooms.
it's also known as syobon action and mario from hell.
cat mario. that's it.
by rick animation October 20, 2022