31 definitions by rick animation

a braindead vegan who makes countless attempts to forcing you to be vegan. she also makes bad comparisons. for example, she tries to compare a gay person being bullied to the making of a steak as dacept explains that said bad comparison.
bill: have you seen that vegan teacher's mcdonald's tiktok?
jim: yeah, if only she knew that is not how the world works.
by rick animation March 1, 2022
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a fear of the psychotic vegetable karen known as that vegan teacher.
person: i have thatveganteacherphobia
by rick animation March 6, 2022
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one of the worst breed of fans ever. it's this cringy fan of sans who kills over the internet if you try and touch him.
bill: hey, have you seen that fangirl of sans-


sans fangirl: DID SOMEBODY SAY SANS?
by rick animation March 6, 2022
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it's one way to let your ipad raise your child.
tik tok is cringe.
by rick animation February 26, 2022
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remember the classic challenges like the ice bucket challenge? now that's slandered into a murder machine all thanks to clout chasers desperate for a droplet of clout. tiktok challenges are challenges where you do something stupid all for that load of clout. in some cases, they most likely backfire and go horribly wrong and in the aftermath the tiktoker is either dead or hospitalized all for that clout.
tiktok challenges are dumb.
by rick animation February 25, 2022
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sonic the hedgehog is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with supersonic speed who has days to save to stop dr robotnik (aka eggman). and also it's personally my favorite franchise. (please don't attack me cringe culture)
evan: jack, i finally beat super mario!

jack: dude, forget mario, check out this guy!

*jack then pulls out a blue anthromorphic hedgehog from his backpack*

evan: jack.. who in the f**k is this guy and how long has he been in there?

jack: his name is sonic the hedgehog!
by rick animation March 4, 2022
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the best drink i've ever had in my life, hits more when you add chocolate syrup
it's most likely used for breakfast like cereal or a glass of it
by rick animation August 21, 2022
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