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Big haired Southern girl, typically blonde, who never leaves the house without full makeup and hair, a wallet full of daddy's money and a new car she doesn't make payments on with a palmetto sticker on the back. Will marry a white bread Southern USC graduate and take out a large add in the paper announcing their engagement. Will produce female offspring named Mary Stevens, Anna Grace or a combination of the two and force said child to wear tacky hair bows and boutique dresses with crocs. Boys of the species wear white or pastel shortalls until their voice changes. Older versions of these women can be found driving SUV's their families can't really afford, wearing expensive large glasses to replace the hairbows of earlier days and pulling through the coffee shop drive thru.
"Did I take a wrong turn onto Wysteria Lane?"
"No Chad, it's just a bunch or Carolina Girls getting ready to go into Piggly Wiggly"
by real woman sc July 10, 2008

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