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July. It’s the month that straight cis people can stop bitching about pride and flex their privileges
Timmy:It’s July 1st
Cishet:time for America pride month
by ray_the_bi_man June 23, 2022
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What Australians call kids
i'm not kidding
sniper:spy come get your ankle biter
spy:for the last time he's not my son
scout':tell that to my mom who you boin-
sniper:GET YO SON
by ray_the_bi_man February 12, 2022
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me:*googles how to start a mafia at (insert age)*
fbi agent:ayo wtf
by ray_the_bi_man February 14, 2022
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a really cool band song that gets stuck in your head during gym and you "jazzy kick" to it. I forgot all the girls so I just call them all monika
band teacher:we're doing mambo no. 5
me: a little bit of monnika by my side a little bit of monnika in my life a little bit of monnika all I need a little bit of monnika all I see
by ray_the_bi_man April 12, 2022
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when you and your 3 other friends are all having a crisis at the same time
medic:so let me be and I'll set you free I am in misery
scout:two trucks having sex two trucks having sex
pyro:tight as a virgin boy don't get nervous Im here to serve you customer service
sniper:reeses puffs reeses puffs eat em up eat em up eat em up eat em up
thiz is what we call misery cpr reeses puffs two trucks. Ik, wacky
by ray_the_bi_man February 23, 2022
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