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A "lightweight" GNU/Linux distribution that "tries to keep it simple". Unlike most distros, Arch Linux's bootable ISO contains no guided installer or desktop environment: instead, you are dropped to a "root@archiso" shell prompt, in which you are expected to configure everything yourself. Expert command-line users will feel right at home using Arch Linux. It is not suggested for beginners, unlike Ubuntu.
Hey, I installed Arch Linux on my computer yesterday!
by randomperson987 October 17, 2019

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A letter in the German alphabet, representing two s next to each other (ss).
Das ist sehr spaß!
by randomperson987 March 11, 2019

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Used as an emoticon alternative, a face representing death or sleeping.
After today, I feel like x_x
by randomperson987 March 03, 2019

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The sole command which will completely destroy a Linux system. This is because it forcefully deletes the root directory "/" recursively. In other words, it will wipe your entire hard drive.
Person 1: Hey my Linux system won't boot!
Person 2: What did you do before it wouldn't boot?
Person 1: I ran "sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root"
Person 2: That's why it won't boot - you have just wiped your entire hard drive.
Person 1: Dang.
by randomperson987 November 22, 2019

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The year that marks the beginning of a new decade in the 21st century.
I can't wait for 2020!
by randomperson987 December 12, 2019

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Ubuntu is an open-source desktop operating system based on Debian which runs on the Linux Kernel. The project is developed by Canonical, and it is completely free to use.
I recently dual-booted Ubuntu on my computer!
via giphy
by randomperson987 June 16, 2019

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The top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.
The apex of the roof
by randomperson987 March 02, 2019

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