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Marketing is really what spam should be called, as they are essentially synonymous. Any fraudulent e-mails you get, marketing. Any unwanted phone calls from third world countries disguised as local numbers calling to inform you that you've won an all inclusive vacation in the Bahamas? Marketing. The reason marketing isn't called spam is because marketing is actually considered to be a real major in college/post-collegiate studies, and it's all based on bullshit. You couldn't have some fancy college with a "Spam" major. Never trust someone who majors in marketing, or even whose job/career is based on marketing, as these people would swindle their own mother for a quick buck.
Today I turned on my computer, went to check my e-mail, and I found 13 new marketing e-mails in my spam folder.
by raf002 July 06, 2021
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Buzzword for people who are afraid to criticize others or things they don’t agree with/challenge the status quo. Not to be confused with optimism.
Please be polite and remember always be super positive! If you have something that’s not nice to say, just keep it to yourself! Positivity everyone!!! (Said with a lisp)
by raf002 August 23, 2021
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Subhuman con-artists who specialize in deceiving the naive into believing the problems they have can be explained in pseudo-medical jargon, only to further the dangerously experimental agenda of the pharmaceutical industry, regularly profiting in direct correlation to how many of these drugs they can push onto the general public.
I've visited 6 different psychiatrists and received 6 completely different diagnoses, none of their "medications" or opinions helped in in any which way.
by raf002 June 03, 2021
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Prison with mandatory poisonous drugs and "therapy".
I told my teacher to eat shit and die so they said I was crazy, had me evaluated in the psych ward where I couldn't even go outside. Eventually I had to agree to swallow their "medications", which were really pharmaceutical drugs in disguise. After my evaluation I returned to school and I told my teacher it was all her fault and I hope her pension falls through because she doesn't deserve it.
by raf002 August 27, 2021
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What idiots try to do who don't understand and take heed to the classic idiom "Man Plans and God Laughs". If you don't understand this phrase, it means there's no use in trying to plan out your life, because invariably there will always be things beyond anybody's control which will destroy the plans you tried to make. Scheduling is a popular thing that these idiots try to do. They literally carry around these little bags with their belongings, among which is their "planner", as they attempt to set dates and times for when something has to happen, and in the process they make themselves less free and less available date by date until all of their time has been willingly stolen from them and they are on a self-imposed schedule.
"Let's talking scheduling...can you do Friday November 15th at 3:30 PM?"
"Well I was going to try and get out early so I could get drunk and high and enjoy my weekend."
"Riiiight, but I need to talk to you about important matters at that date and time, and it's the only date and time around that time that I can."
"Fine I understand."
"Oh wait, I'm sorry, I have a business meeting at that time, can we do 4:30?"
by raf002 August 20, 2021
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Governmentally sanctioned thugs and crooks who abuse the rule of law to their extreme advantage by

*Hassling the poor
*Pulling over people who drive over the speed limit and/or weave
*Getting free hot food and coffee on the taxpayer's dime
*Persecuting minorities
*Killing people they hate (see George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray)
*Bring problems wherever they go

Keep in mind the minimum wage in most places is anywhere from $5.15 to $15 per hour, and these assholes make usually at least $26-$31 per hour. That's more than quadrupled the lowest. And why? Idiots think we need them. In theory if the second amendment was honored, everyone would be free to defend themselves. But it isn't like that, and the police exist. Know your enemy and how he oppresses you. Fuck them all.
Person 1: Here man hit this joint.
Person 2: Shit I see the police coming, we need to hide.
by raf002 August 31, 2021
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A shitty website where idiots ask stupid questions and get likewise stupid and long-winded answers about what is considered "appropriate" by people claiming authority.
To get the gist of Quora,

"Is it rude to interrupt people?"

"Well, according to the research conducted by Phillip Samuel Carruthers (Ph.D.) in 2017 at Cambridge University, in an experiment to assess social acceptability vs. impoliteness, it was ultimately determined that interrupting a conversation without saying a proper "Excuse me" or "Pardon me", or even "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation", was considered extremely rude, offensive, and inappropriate. These three bases for trial were comprehensively compared to talking to somebody in a conversation whilst omitting a proper conversation starter. In some cases, people actually indicated that speaking without this proper introduction was "very rude", often with anger elicited as the conditioned response. In all four potential trials, the question was "Do you enjoy purple?".

Personally, as a member of Politeness International (1987), as well as the Societal Center for Advancement of Manners (SCAM) (2003), I would absolutely say that interrupting any conversation PERIOD is a major violation of social norms in any society, and it should never be tolerated, as it is very inappropriate. If anybody even considers interrupting your conversation, always either ignore them, or say "Please, I'm having a conversation as you can see. Thank you."
by raf002 July 31, 2021
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