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A typical high school with up/down staircases, a growing population of colored people, and red brick walls.

After disheartening and angering most students by establishing the dress code last year, the school has continued its desperate attempts to improve the students and education to remain in the ranks this year. Those students who actually prefer the dress code probably also prefer being snobby assholes.

Recently, Mr. Sodl has made a big dick of himself as principal and has lashed out on the students on many occasions. He basically tries to control the colored folks from getting too excited (as they tend to do), and improve test and S.A.T. scores. There was a small uprising rebellion during 6th period lunch on 3/19/10 as some unnamed heroes started a food fight that ended with sauce on the ceiling, which was probably the most pride any student of the poconos took in something.
* Sodl *
I could suspend you all for 10 days, and have give no reason for it.

stroudsburg high school
by racistmuch March 21, 2010

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