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a scene kid is someone who is the ceneter of the attention. not in a jumping singing out loud way. but the kind that comes w/ compulsive complements and everyone wants to either be them ,know them or date them
every scene boy/girl has a scene gf/bf. its fact proven. it seems now the scene is heading to get as unique as it can get. so they have been shifting to trying to get mixed scene bf/gf's||Example:hotest mixes white/japanese/philipino|latin/black/white||french/mexica/hawian||latin/black/thia or things similar SCENE BOYS usually date thier one and only close friend .the one who gets them. the one who doesnt laugh at them when they put on their makeup. the one who understands what thier saying. and accepts thier oppinions. and doesnt start any drama.SCENE GIRLS usually also date their close friend. the one who accpets them as them. and can borrow thier jacket any time.:SCENE GIRLS attitude is set wierd. theier happy all the time even when they look sad or mad. the happy hardcore music keeps them up. they say slang words no knows the meanings of. and they have this cool kid whatever attitude replying things like, "yeah sure dood", "ferr sure","too cool" e.t. cetra SCENE BOYS always have this dgaf attitude to everyone except the thier very best female friend. all scene kids best friend is of the opposite sex.*notice all scene kids photo's are with a member of the opposite sex.
Need Help Figuring Out Your scene Best Friend/Gf/Bf?
the person thats usually seen w/ you most often.
if the girl or boy matches any or all of these get off your shy ass and ask them be your effin gf/bf! right now. bc you already know they like you, hurry before its too late
by pseudonym kids January 28, 2010

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