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An old asshole that rents you a premises and then becomes mad with power managing it. causing you all sorts of grief and lawding over your every move.
Lawd of Land- LandLawd (Land-law-dick)
No I am Not fixing that! yet!
What do you mean the rent will be a day late, get out!
Not my problem! get out!
pack up your shit and move out if you don't like it.
can you stop putting so much recycling in the recycle bin, or get out!
Why is your light on at 5.00 in the morning, wasting my electricity, you can just get out!
Thanks for the rent, will you have next weeks or you can get out!!!
by propart@hotmail.com May 30, 2009
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A series of interactions between males that see eye to eye, that other jealous males attempt to tinge being a bit gay or a nancy relationship. and slinging monkey poo at
Those guys they are always together they have a bro-mance.
by propart@hotmail.com May 30, 2009
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