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The counterpart to the term African-Americans. Members of the Anglo-Saxon race who were either born in or live in the United States of America.
Do any Black Americans realize that referring to them as "African-Americans" insinuates that even if they were born in the United States of America they continue to be foreigners? What would happen if mainstream media started referring to White Americans as "European-Americans," as in, "Though in the United States of America the quantity of Latinos (16.3%) now surpasses the number of African-Americans (12.6%), European-Americans comprise 72.4% and Asians comprise 4.8% of the population (2010 Census). Notice that Latinos and Asians have not been inflicted with or infected by a hyphen.
by profact October 21, 2017

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The individual who gets fucked.
During that one of a kind time we call sexual intercourse, the fucker performs the more active role by fucking the fuckee, while the fuckee plays the more passive role and gets fucked.
by profact August 18, 2017

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To engage in sex more often than is sensible.
To prevent the public from noticing that they are being taken advantage of by society's most powerful institutions, the media's programming induces everyone to overconsume, overeat, and overfuck (engage in sex too often).
by profact December 24, 2017

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Sex is the reproductive act.
Calling the reproductive act "sex" leads young people to engage in sexual intercourse mostly oblivious to the main possible consequence—creating a new life.
by profact December 03, 2017

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Short for Inextricable Cognitive Bias Conflict. An extremely common, automatic conflict which erupts between individuals because every individual can only perceive and interpret events anchored in their biases which generate their cognitive biases.
Each one of two men rents a room in a house in Lakeland, Florida. Along with the landlady, the three live in a Bias Conflict because until each one comes to comprehend Cognitive Biases, each one will continue perceiving and interpreting everything based on their inherent biases.
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by profact October 14, 2018

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Unpleasant Human Interaction.
There are many different types of "human interactions".

Exemplary (E-HI); pleasant, positive, or pleasurable (P-HI); productive (PROD-HI), professional (PRO-HI), unprofessional (UNPRO-HI), unproductive (UNPROD-HI), counterproductive (CP-HI), unpleasant (U-HI); painful (PA-HI); regrettable (R-HI), horrendous (H-HI), ugly (UG-HI), nice (N-HI), not nice (NN-HI), laughable (L-HI), funny (F-HI), ridiculous (RI-HI), retarded (RE-HI), sexual (S-HI), asexual (AS-HI), etc. The list is endless, and a website may sprout listing all the different types of human interactions and their acronyms or (as I believe it is best to call them) "acronames".

By looking back and analyzing not only an interaction, but also what "really" happened and how each participant behaved and or reacted to other's behaviors, it is possible to comprehend interactions and behaviors better, learn from them, remember them, and give them a name or label—such as EHI.

Labeling interactions can help reveal similarities and make it easier to categorize and group them to further increase comprehension and knowledge.
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by profact May 15, 2018

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Healing oneself by working with words and letting them order and clarify the way one feels, thinks, and acts.
After a major television network offered to interview me, but then cancel the interview, lowered my self-concept, confused me, made me feel powerless—even helpless, but not hopeless.

Soon after I started to edit the index of a book I'm writing, working with words made me feel increasingly better.

Working with words balanced my emotions and allowed me to feel, think, and act correctly again. I call that word therapy.
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by profact March 08, 2018

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