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a dark mysterious and magical Angel. Men and women are drawn to her. A sweet and tempting goddess, fierce and passionate. Warm to the touch but watch out she's got a steely side. She can snap like a bear trap. Cool as a cucumber with a heart of gold. a perfectionist with high expectations but a lot of compassion for the procrastinators in her life. likes to play but careful not to tease her too incessently, it makes for a really crabby kitty. Highly intelligent and loves to argue.

likes to scratch. Has a penchant for infomercials. Survives mainly off of vegetables and cookies.
Love her right and you'll never go wrong.

guy: what happened to your face?

girl: i was teasing this sex kitten and got scratched.

guy: wow, it looks like you were touched by an Angele.
by privateboots February 04, 2010

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A fast way of achieving a buzz by inserting a tampon that has been soaked in hard liquor, usually whiskey, into ones vagina or rectum. Used primarily by sororities and fraternities to ward off venereal diseases while getting drunk at the same time.
girl #1: I'm so f'ing bored, i need to get my drunk on.

girl #2: Me too, but i have this super dirty vagina to clean today, urgh chores! i wish there was a way that i could do both....

girl #1: there is! Whiskey Douche!!!
by privateboots January 31, 2012

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aka the whiskey douche. This is when someone takes a tampon, soaks it in the alcohol of their choice, typically whiskey, and then inserts it into either the vagina or rectum in order to achieve a buzz or "Buiness drunk". Used in situations where drinking is frowned upon. eg. work, funerals, job interviews, Provincial Curling Championships etc. Paticipating individuals tend to eventually form a syndicate.
Guy #1: man i could really go for a drink, work is F$@King getting to me.

Guy #2: not me man, i'm flying high, i took an upshot of Wiser's this morning before the meeting.

Guy #1: what?

Guy #2: whiskey douche!!!
by privateboots January 30, 2012

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