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A dirty little ditty, recited by American school children during the 1970s, especially at summer camps everywhere:

"Um chucka Willy from the Coconut Grove, he was a mean mutha fucka you could tell by his clothes.

He had a black suede jacket and a big hairy ass. His balls were as big as the tits on Mama Cass.

He lined a hundred girls up against the wall and he sweared to the devil that he'd fuck 'em all. On the 98th one he had to stop, cuz a fraction of his balls were about to pop.

He went to the doctor and the doctor said, 'um chucky willy, your balls are dead!'

Written on his grave all pure 'n green, 'Um Chucka Willy was a fuckin' machine.' "

This exists in several similar variations.
You remember when we used to sing "um chucka willy"? Hahaha! Those were the days.
by petey man October 30, 2011

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