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Owns the most beautiful voice ever to speak, the most beautiful eyes ever to see and the most beautiful face ever to please the world. Sings and writes lyrics for the band My Chemical Romance, founded soon after 9/11.
Others in the band |brother| Michael Way, Bob Bryar, Frank Iero and Ray Toro. The Black Parade (one of their albums) was designed by Gerard himself (cartooning and things like that).
MCR are not emo or punk they are actually Post Hardcore. They really do hate it when people go on saying s*h*i*t like "MCR are an *emo* band, why would you like an *emo* band, blah blah blah" becoz thats just dissing thankyou very much.
He lives in a New York apartment with his long term girlfriend Olivia, which is very nice.
He does not ask for any random fan of his to go on about how much this fan wants to f*u*c*k him becoz hes not an asshole enuff to do that and i hope you know that it pisses celebs off.
I know hes hot but hes NOT a dummy with no feelings, hes the most amazingly talented guy ever to live. Thankyou very much.
gerard way shall live a long life, coz if he doesnt i'll live a short one.
by person hu luvs mcr January 04, 2007
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