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n. A drug formerly used in legitimate markets to treat parasitic worm infections and several forms of cancer, it is now often cut with crack on the streets due to their similarity in appearance. It will also add bulk and weight to powdered cocaine, making it appear more pure.
Dude: Hey, wanna smoke of this crack I just got? Oh shit, this is just some Levamisole.
by pectussian May 19, 2011

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A mysterious glitch on Google Translate, whereupon you set the "translate from" language to Somali, and type in 2-3 character sets of words. The resulting text seems to be pulled from sites like Disqus, StumbleUpon, dating sites, and other random websites, and isn't always in English, even if you set the "translate to" language to English. For example, sometimes it will come out in Thai or Japanese. Other times, it will sound like you're conversing with an AI bot, though this has been disputed.
Have you seen the TranslateGate mystery? I typed in "ick ick ick ick ick," and the translation came from a Thai dating site. WTF?
by pectussian March 11, 2018

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n. A usually email/social network-based game in which you add "in my pants" to the end of a movie title, song title, or book title. Seems to work best with song titles, although it depends on which one you use. Another variation is "up my skirt," if you're a female. Like many games, this could probably be a drinking game if you add other rules to it.
Guy: Let's play the In My Pants Game with song titles!
Girl: OK! Something's Got A Hold On Me Up My Skirt!
Guy: The Thrill Is Gone In My Pants!
by pectussian August 09, 2011

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n. Local nickname for a specific Dairy Queen located on North Ave. in Midtown ATL. It's relatively safe during the day, but at night, it's safe to say that you can get more than a Mini-Blizzard if you hang around the parking lot.
Hey, I'm gonna go over to Scary Queen and get a Georgia Mud Fudge with some rocks on top!
by pectussian May 20, 2011

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A sexual fetish in which the participants wear clown makeup, or do anything clown-like during sex. Referred to in Mystery Science Theater 3000, while watching the film "Here Comes the Circus." There have also been specialized porn films dedicated to this fetish.
Guy: Hey baby, wanna do it clownstyle tonight?

Girl: Sure, as long as I get to blow up a condom and make it into a penguin!

Guy: That's so hot.
by pectussian May 10, 2011

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n. A fake not-for-profit organization, usually set up as an Internet fraud scheme, that exploits or has exploited such events as 9/11, the Haiti earthquake, tsunamis in Southeast Asia, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to dupe people out of large sums of money. In some cases, they will set up authentic-looking fake websites in order to further present themselves as legit, but in most cases, by the time people realize this, it's much too late.
Total n00b: Aw, isn't this sweet? Send Uzbekistan's People Excellent Resources is collecting money for earthquake victims!
Friend: Are you for real? Don't you know that's a conprofit?
by pectussian July 22, 2011

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n. A nickname (particularly used by women) for Chris Corner, of Sneaker Pimps and IAMX fame. Undoubtedly, he is sexually desired by many of his female (and gay male) fans. Some of them, in fact, even devise well-thought-out plans in order to hook up with him if seeing him in concert. How many of these attempts have succeeded has never been documented.
Female IAMX fan: I'm seeing IAMX tonight, and I am SO gonna hook up with Chris Porner afterwards!
Friend: If you can get past security, that is.
by pectussian July 15, 2011

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