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n. Charlie Sheen. Don't believe it? He admitted it himself during his radio meltdown!
News Anchor: This just in. Apparently Charlie Sheen is a Vatican Assassin Warlock. Watch out...he works for the Pope and murders people!
by pectussian June 29, 2011

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Local nickname for the Taco Bell on Ponce De Leon Ave. in ATL. This refers not only to the quality of the food, as in previous UD definitions, but also the fact that at this particular location, if you park in specific areas at certain times of night, drug dealers will harass you and probably ask you to buy weed, crack, heroin, or some kind of prescription drug. Also located across the street from some housing projects.
ATLien: I'm about to go over to Taco Hell and get some burritos. Wanna come?

Friend: Uh, sure. Just lemme load my 12 gauge first.
by pectussian June 17, 2011

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n. An e-mail phishing scam that apparently fooled a lot of AOL newbies into giving away their passwords. Users received an e-mail saying, "You've received an AOL InstaKiss!" and then were asked to enter their screen name and password.
"Hey, I just got an AOL InstaKiss! Maybe it's from that hottie Michelle!"

"OK dumbass, you just gave away your account."
by pectussian May 22, 2011

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n. An adult shop located on Cheshire Bridge Rd. in ATL. Their motto is "Welcome to the sexual revolution." They sell everything you'd expect from an adult shop, including DVDs, magazines, dildos, vibrators, massage oils, lubricants, and gag gifts. They're also willing to answer any questions you may have...and trust me, they've heard it all.
Woman: "I went to Inserection today, and they helped me get the hottest dildo ever! I'm a customer for life!"
by pectussian May 20, 2011

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A slang term for titty fuck. To thrust the penis in between a woman's breasts, simulating intercourse.
I hooked up with this girl the other night, and she gave me a Russian Job! It was amazing!
by pectussian June 07, 2017

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n. A fantastic creature that is the symbol of the Ordre du Vénéré Bitard, a student association of University of Poitiers in France, created during the 1920s. Members of the student group also refer to themselves as bitards, and at times wear uniforms colored according to their rank in the organization.

NOTE: Although a previous UD definition says that this means "bisexual retard," that is a common misconception.
University of Poitiers Student: Salut! ¿Voulez-vous joindre à l'Ordre du Vénéré Bitard? Vous pouvez porter une cape.

US Transfer Student: Um, let me look that up in my French dictionary. I'm not sure I want to be a bitard.
by pectussian June 29, 2011

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n. A company that manufactures "bedroom adventure gear," Liberator's home store is located in Atlanta. The "adventure gear" includes sex furniture, sex toys, lingerie, role-play items, and other fun products.
Honey, wait 'til you see the new furniture I got from Liberator today! We won't sleep all night!
by pectussian May 20, 2011

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